I've connected my TV provider but only see SD channels, how do I fix that?

Be sure when you select your provider to look for the option that has "Digital" in the title.  Often providers will have 2 different options available and you'll need to carefully choose based on your package.


Why do you need to know my location/zip code?

The vast majority of televised sports events are regionalized.  In order for us to know what's available in your area we need to know where in the country you are.  Additionally to help you find your TV provider we need to know what options are available based on your location.


Why do you need to know my TV provider?

In order to give you channel numbers we'll need to know your provider since they differ by provider and location.  Additionally since many digital streaming options are based on users authenticating into their service we can help narrow down the options based on who you receive service from.


Why do some events say "This broadcast may not be available in your area"?

In order to show you as much information as possible we will always include a preliminary option before we know where you live or who you receive TV service from.  Since many of these events are regionalized we recognize that most of the time it won't be applicable.


Why are there no viewing options available for an event?

Since many sports events are regionalized, teams based outside your geographical area may not be available to watch on a regular basis without a subscription to a league service such as MLB Extra Innings or NBA League Pass.  Also, if you don't subscribe to pay TV (cable/satellite) unfortunately you have even fewer options to watch.   Finally, if the event is more than 14 days out we likely won't have any specific details for that event just yet.  


Why does it say "We couldn't find any streaming apps or websites.  Please check your location and TV provider"?

We're still building out our database for you and right now we don't have any options available to stream this event.  In some cases it may be because we don't know who your provider is and in other cases we've just missed it.  If you know of something that we're missing please let us know at  


Why can't I see past events?

Our goal is to get you to live sports.